Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game...and life

Here we go, since we have established a topic it is time to wander a little. I have been working on my figures and scenery for table-top battle games recently. The thing is there is never enough time to follow the things that you enjoy in life and too many things that you enjoy to follow completely. Like a battle (how do you like that nifty little twist) one has a strategy that one hopes will prevail, one follows the strategy to the best of one's ability. And depending on how good the strategy and how close one was able to follow it, one either has success and glory or one is defeated by the evil life/work/events and is cast down to suffer shame and humiliation (or at least one's own derision).
Needless to say the figures have sat for a while with little change as the events keep happening and make time an ever shrinking resource. I hope to get back on to the painting tomorrow and also I hope to begin a series of posts to put the Battle Company rules for Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game up here as well. If you are lucky I will post a few pictures of my progress, mostly to document how far they have come to now and to see how much longer it takes me to finish them. I find the miniature scenes and figures fun to work with, pose and to create scenes and miniature "snapshots" of a fantasy world. The best models will tell a story of their own, and if done well the story can be understood by many people, not just the author.
Really, that is what makes a "good" story. The ability for one to have the audience identify with the story's characters. For better or worse the audience has to understand the character, and to suspend their disbelief in the character. We all start out disbelieving in a story, be it game, novel or picture. We then find in the story, things that we identify with, and if there are enough of them we willingly suspend our doubts and will invest a belief in the story, give it life from our imagination, and take the offerings from the authors imagination and build on it in our own way until we can see, smell and feel the story. From there we will defend it and unless given sufficient reason, we will support it and help it to grow, and eagerly await the next chapter of the story.
Until next Chapter then my friends, keep your strategy simple and give it your best...and I will try to do the same.